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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Music break 2

Can't think of a better track with the word oil in the title. Thank you Pato Banton.


  1. You must be an ex genius-petro-chemical engineer to bark a 'whale' song from Baton. I'm amazed that you review Wray, that you even know Wray and Keynes. No one is this fictional world knows either one, and if they do, they can't read them, and if they do, they can't understand them. I nabbed two of your links, very intelligent selections. Public Policy is more like public polity these days. You have a bio? KUTGW.

  2. Jorge, thanks for your comments. I'm glad you enjoy the music. Banton is awesome, so I decided to link him up for all readers to enjoy and/or discover. As for Wray, he's one of the most exciting econs out there these days. I think his recent paper does a great job at rectifying many of the common misconceptions that people have about Keynes's work. It also lays out pretty clearly the flaws in current mainstream macro thinking. I share your take on policy. Hard times, indeed. I've been meaning to add a bio. Should do so soon.