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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Music break: Protester edition

So 'the protester' made it as Time's person of the year. Only one track came to mind. The music is courtesy of Anti Social Workers and the Mad man himself.

I like to think, as CUNY's Peter Hitchcock once wrote, that if Marx had been around in our lifetime he would have formulated his eleventh thesis to state that the role of the philosopher is not interpret the world but to dub it.


  1. Great posts Circuit. I think the Hitchcock article very good as is the video-relevant. FRB is really on the edge of policy conversations not only for North America, but lately for Europe. Malheureusement, je suis d'accord avec craw et swells sur le comportement de Messrs Noyer et Baroin. Mais je crois qu'on doit prendre un recul sur leurs prestations.

  2. Hitchcock was a very interesting complement. nod!

  3. Thanks. Also, LKJ is a fine and inspirational artist.