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Wednesday 6 November 2013

Deficit spending got the US out of the Great Depression: Paul Samuelson on helicopter money

Paul Samuelson, circa 2008 (see here at 1:31):
I'm full of sensible heresies. How do you think we got out -- in Roosevelt's time -- got out of that depression? How do you think the pernicious Adolf Hitler -- inheriting about the same, at least one third unemployment -- got out of it? And both of us got out of it in about the same number of years as you are getting to 1939. If you look at Mrs Schwartz's analysis of that, it's completely remote from the truth. 
This is not how it happened, but this is equivalent to how it happened: somebody invented helicopters. And somebody went to the printing press and printed-off millions and billions of legal tender. And then those helicopters flew over the poorer rural regions and the slums of the city. And it wasn't a problem of whether the money was going to be saved or wasn't going to be spent. It had nothing to do with pump-priming...It had nothing to do with jump-starting. [...] It was not a Federal Reserve operation.[...] 
Now, Mrs Schwartz and her collaborator, who's name I forgot at this moment [laughter], would say "well that helped to keep the M up". That's a joke! [The banker] didn't go out and start making new loans. He acquired more Treasury certificates, which had a yield of essentially zero. 
So we never got out of the Great Depression? Yes, we did. We did it essentially by deficit spending [...] 
The rest of this excellent discussion is well worth a careful listen.

Addendum : An ingenious reader has created a direct link to this excerpt on You Tube (see here). 2013-11-07


  1. Monetarists will have a fit. I just noticed this clip on youtube

  2. Great find circuit! I love Samuelson's intro..."I'm full of sensible heresies"